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Many thanks for choosing Hanoi Larosa Hotel as your home in Hanoi, Vietnam.

We do hope that you have enjoyed the stay with us and had a good time in Hanoi. To help us serve you better, we would be frateful if you could take a few minutes to provide us your valuable comment. 

We highly appreciate your comment and we will improve our service.

  •  No comments, Everything was very good.

    I want just highlight on the receptionist staff was excellent.

    Arrival date: 07 Jan, 2014

    Departure date: 14 Jan, 2014


  • Thank you for the comfortable stay in Hanoi. Specially the 2 girls at the reception Hoan and Training were very welcoming and gave us tips on exploring the city. I enjoyed the experience. Was indeed a pleasant one.

    Roshni N - India

  • Thank you very much La Rosa hotel for a giving us a very good stay...thanks to the hotel staff in the lobby..especially Nguyen Thu Tra receptionist and Le The Hoan bellman..hope to see you guys in Cebu, Phils...

    Evelyn T - Philippines

  • Outstanding experience at a wonderful hotel. Thank you very much for leaving such an astonishing impression of Vietnam in general and Hanoi in particular.

    Kathie, Christiana, Sophie, Nancy, all reception and Bellman teams

    Arrival Date: 13/1/2014

    Departure date: 15/1/2014

    PHILIPP KASHIN - Russian Federation

  • Every one we encoutered went above + beyond to help us with all our needs. We are very very pleased with your hotel staff.

    All front desk personel, restaurant staff & room service personel. I will definite recommend the Larosa Hotel.

    Arrival date: 28 Jan , 2014

    Departure date: 31 Jan, 2014

    CONNIE DEADY - LOIS FRANK - United Kingdom

  • trong chuyến về việt nam mình đã đặt phòng tại larosa vì thấy vị trí hotel rất đẹp và có review rất tốt. khi checkin thủ tục rất nhanh gọn, các nhân viên thân thiện chào đón. phòng sạch, đồ ăn sáng rất ngon, view tốt. đặc biệt giao thông theo mình thấy rất thuận tiện. mình rất hài lòng về chất lượng dịch vụ cũng như trang thiết bị của hotel. mình rất thích ở điểm hotel làm việc 24/24 nên có thể về muộn cũng khônng sao. nhất định trong dịp tới mình cũng sẽ chọn larosa cho các chuyến đi tiếp theo.

    xin chân thành cám ơn anh dũng, em trà và toàn thể các nhân viên khách sạn. đã cho mình một chuyến đi vui vẻ.


    Tuan H - Vietnam

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